Healthy, caring, inclusive communities where every one matters.


We lead the way in improving health and well-being for people and communities.


Equity. We believe in recognizing and respecting diversity among people in our communities to provide them with appropriate services that meet their varying needs. We strive to break down barriers so everyone can enjoy access to the services they need to be healthy.  Equity is about recognizing differences among people and treating people differently according to their needs in order to achieve equality of access.

Empowerment. We value participation and believe in our clients’ and communities’ right to play an active role in determining what services are offered and how they are delivered. To achieve this, we foster open and  constructive dialogue and believe in engaging in respectful, honest and clear communications practices. We strive to provide all the support and information required to make informed choices and participate in meaningful ways.

Excellence. We are committed to providing excellent services and strive for constant improvement and innovation. We focus on best practices, evidence based approaches and ongoing evaluation to deliver effective and comprehensive services that best meet our clients’ and communities’ needs. We ensure accountable, efficient and effective use of resources. 

Respect. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone is treated in ways that are fair, courteous and compassionate. We believe in valuing one another’s opinions and contributions and giving full consideration to these views with an open and non-judgmental mind.

Our model of care

The Centre provides care that is comprehensive, accessible, interdisciplinary, integrated, community governed, and client-centred. We carefully consider the social factors that have an impact on health and engage the community to ensure we remain responsive to local needs.

Our service delivery philosophy

We provide high quality health and social services in a welcoming and safe space. We commit to supporting access to our services. We encourage clients to join us in our efforts to build a healthy community. We believe in our clients’ and communities’ right to play an active role in shaping what services we offer and how they are delivered. We engage in respectful, honest, and clear communication practices.