CCHC Board FAQ 2018


CCHC Board of Directors

Who does Centretown Community Health Centre serve?

Centretown Community Health Centre (CCHC) is committed to the health and well-being of all people within the communities it serves. CCHC provides a full range of health and social services to individuals and families who live in Centretown, the Glebe and Old Ottawa South. CCHC pays particular attention to people who face barriers in attaining their full health potential, including: LGBTQ2S+ people; people living with mental health challenges; people dealing with addiction; people who are homeless; frail and isolated seniors; families with low income; racialized people; francophones; First Nations, Métis, and Inuit people and newcomers to Canada. The Centre also offers specialized services to all residents of the broader Ottawa region such as counselling for LGBTQ2S+ youth, addiction services for older adults, chronic disease management for people with diabetes, as well as a food security program.

What type of board is the CCHC Board?

The CCHC Board provides leadership and operates on a policy and strategic level rather than from an operational or management focus. The Board creates the vision and mission of the Centre, sets strategic directions and ensures that the goals of the organization are met. The Board is made up of twelve (12) volunteer community members and two (2) staff representatives. Community board members must be members of CCHC.

What language is used at board meetings?

CCHC is a French language designated agency, and as such ensures that formal communications with the public are in both official languages. Since the working language of the Centre is English, the Board of Directors conducts its business in English, though members are free to ask questions in either official language.

How often does the Board meet?

The Board meets monthly from September to June. Meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month, except December and June, when the meetings are held on the second Tuesday of those months. There is also an annual general meeting held in June, on a date after the regular June board meeting, as well as a board orientation meeting held in August or September.

How much time is required to be a board member?

The monthly meetings run two to three hours. The annual general meeting is typically two hours. Documents for the meetings are available for board members one week in advance of each board meeting. Preparation for each meeting may take a few hours. Board members are encouraged to serve on any of the action teams/committees. These teams typically meet once each month, up to eight times each year. A board member can expect to commit between six to ten hours each month, for events, meetings and preparation.

How long is a board member’s term?

A board member is elected for a two-year term at an annual general meeting, by CCHC’s members. An individual may serve up to three, two-year terms, after which they are not eligible to serve on the board again for one year. Occasionally, a board member may be appointed by the Board if there is an unexpected vacancy. These terms are always less than two years.

What happens if a board member misses a board meeting?

If a member is unable to attend a meeting, it’s expected they will inform the Executive Coordinator as soon as possible. There are times, however, where the board may be able to facilitate a conference call in order to include members who are unable to attend in person.

What are the action teams and committees of the Board?

The Board has a number of action teams, as well as an executive committee. The executive committee meets eight times each year, and is comprised of the Board’s President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. There are three standing action teams, the Board Development Action Team (BDAT), the Advocacy and Communications Action Team (ACAT), and the Quality Improvement Action Team (QIAT). Occasionally, ad-hoc action teams may be created by the Board for specific goals. The Centre’s action teams are comprised of board members, staff, and community members with experience and knowledge related to the purpose of the action team.

How do board members receive board information and communications?

CCHC uses an online portal for its board members. Board members can log into the portal from most devices with an internet connection. The portal provides access to the Board’s meeting agendas and packages, governance and policy documents, financial reports, action team documents, meeting minutes, as well as information about CCHC’s programs, accreditations, and strategic direction. Board packages can be made available in paper format upon request. Most of the communications between the Board and Centre staff are done via email.

Do the board members and the CCHC staff work together, or socialize?

There are always two staff representatives serving on the Board as non-voting members, bringing with them the voice of the staff. As well, the executive director attends each board meeting. In addition to this however, there are many CCHC staff events throughout the year that board members may attend. Staff members are invited to attend regular board meetings to share initiatives and programs that are of strategic interest to the Board. Also, board members are invited to volunteer on staff committees such as the Health Equity Action Team and the Rainbow Team.

What are the benefits of serving on the Board of Directors?

In addition to lending your time to support CCHC to meet its vision of healthy, caring, inclusive communities where every one matters, serving on the Board provides many opportunities for professional and personal development through various workshops, seminars and training opportunities. It also provides networking opportunities through health and social services conferences. And of course, there is the pride one can take in knowing the volunteer efforts that are being made are providing tangible benefits to the community!

Who should apply to serve on the Board?

Anyone who lives or works in the community is encouraged to become involved on CCHC’s Board. Those who reflect the rich diversity of the people living in Centretown, the Glebe, and Old Ottawa South are particularly welcome. CCHC encourages you to apply to serve on our Board, if you:  

  • support the mission of CCHC;
  • are 18-years of age or older;
  • are willing to become a member of CCHC;
  • are able to commit six to ten hours a month to attend meetings, advocacy and networking activities; and
  • are able to serve a two-year term.

How do I apply to serve on the Board?

If you are interested in running for a position on the CCHC Board, complete the online survey. You will also have to complete a membership application before the AGM, if you are not already a member. If you have any questions, feel free to call CCHC at 613-233-4443 and ask to speak with Alison at ext 2106.