May 14
Ottawa Citizen: Pandemic prompts Ottawa mental health agencies to launch ‘one-stop’ website for counselling. Tamara Chipperfield from Centretown CHC interviewed.

August 10
Capital Current: Opioid overdose crisis outstrips COVID-19 pandemic in Canada, frontline workers say. Tamara Chipperfield from Centretown CHC interviewed.

August 27
Community Development Framework website: CCHC Francophone Newcomers group

November 5
CTV Ottawa: COVID-19 testing available at three community health centres in Somerset, Centretown and Sandy Hill

December 18
CBC: COVID-19 breeding stress, conflict in Ottawa rooming houses. Wendy McKinley, Centretown CHC outreach case manager and Yolanda Dare, an outreach nurse were interviewed.


January 9
CBC: COVID-19 outbreak at shelter a ‘predictable, perfect storm’. Dr. Carol Geller from Centretown CHC interviewed. 

January 25
CBC: Community-based nurses, doctors feeling ‘invisible’ during pandemic. Dr. Alison Eyre from Centretown CHC interviewed.

February 3
CHUO Radio: Erica Kamikazi interviewed: Programs offered to Black, Indigenous and Persons of Colour, including the Creativity Care Group (in French).

February 7
Fulcrum: Trans community’s barriers to health care amplified by pandemic. Noah and Alex from Centretown CHC mentioned.

March 2
Ottawa Citizen: Transgender health care in Ottawa hit by pandemic complications. Noah Parchment of Centretown CHC interviewed.

March 3
CBC Ottawa Morning: Noah Parchment interviewed. Longer wait times for transgender health care during pandemic

March 6
Carleton University School of Social Work’s 2021 Black History celebration: Noah Parchment interviewed. Challenges of being an African Black Caribbean LGBTQ and the importance of celebrating blackness through Black History.

March 11
CFRA Radio: Dr. Alison Eyre interviewed. The role of family doctors in vaccine rollout.

March 22
Ottawa Citizen: Healthcare professionals warn of ‘echo’ pandemic as Canadians’ mental health suffers. Tamara Chipperfield: here.

April 26
Radio-Canada: La confusion liée aux vaccins nuit aux Ottaviens les plus vulnérables. Alison Eyre and Kelli Tonner interviewed.

April 26
CBC: Vaccine confusion hurting vulnerable Ottawans the most, say community health centres. Alison Eyre and Kelli Tonner interviewed