The Centretown CHC Obstetrical Team welcomes you to our clinic. If you are expecting a baby and looking for prenatal care we might be what you’re looking for. We provide friendly, personal, family-centred obstetrical care in a welcoming environment.

Dr. Laura Sellers, a family physician, provides prenatal care for low risk pregnancies at the Centretown Community Health Centre (CCHC).

What to expect at our clinic

Appointments are offered weekdays from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, as well as Monday and Tuesday evenings to accomodate your work schedule. Visits will last about 30 minutes. Each appointment will include time with a nurse and a physician.

During the visit we discuss any concerns you may have. We check your blood pressure and measure your growing belly. Using Doppler ultrasound we listen to the baby’s heartbeat. You will learn about choices regarding prenatal classes, prenatal screening tests, labour support and how to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy. Breastfeeding is a major focus at CCHC.

We start breastfeeding education during prenatal visits and our lactation consultant follows you through your pregnancy and the weeks following birth. We are proud to be certified“Baby Friendly” by the World Health Organization. 

What to expect at delivery

Dr. Sellers delivers babies at the Ottawa Hospital Civic site on Carling Avenue. At the Civic Hospital, we are family centered and offer a comfortable birth atmosphere for the low risk patient.

Patients in active labour can expect one-on-one nursing care. The delivery rooms offer Jacuzzi tubs, rocking chairs, and birthing balls. We encourage women to labour in a variety of positions.

If at any time your pregnancy becomes high risk we have 24 hour access to obstetricians, pediatricians, neonatal special care, and anesthesia. After the baby is born she will “room in” with Mom; Dad/partner is welcome to stay too. Keeping baby skin to skin and in the same room as mom improves bonding and breastfeeding.

Dr. Sellers is part of a call group of 10 physicians in Ottawa who share on-call duties at the Ottawa Hospital Civic site. On weekends or nights when your physician is unavailable, a staff physician in our group will care for you. We are all family doctors and share a common philosophy and style. You will have the opportunity to meet these other physicians at our “Meet the Doctors” nights.

During your pregnancy, your care is shared between your own family physician and the obstetrical care team here at CCHC. Beyond family physicians, our team includes a prenatal nurse and lactation consultant, a dietitian, and a family medicine resident.

More programs to support you during and after pregnancy

Our Centre offers additional group programs that you might find helpful during and after your pregnancy.

Check out the Obstetrics & Pregnancy page for more free health and wellness services.

Eligibility for care

Dr. Sellers specializes in low risk obstetrics. In that capacity, she is able to care for most patients who are referred to the CCHC. However, some may not be suitable for our care and must be referred elsewhere.

The most common reasons for referring you to other physicians include women who:

  • know they require a caesarean section before labour starts
  • are diabetic and taking insulin
  • are pregnant with twins or triplets
  • are requesting a home birth
  • will not be seen and examined by male physicians

Dr. Sellers is a female, however you will be seen and examined by other team members who are male. Those who do not accept these physicians are directed to consider midwifery care.

Uninsured clients are welcome, including new Canadians. Services at CCHC and some diagnostics are free of charge. Hospital fees for delivery are determined on a case-by-case basis. If you are uninsured, you will need to discuss fees for hospital stay directly with the accounting department at the hospital.

How to access services

Interested in accessing our obstetrical services? Call our medical reception at 613-233-4697 and we’ll be happy to help you.

You can also talk to your family physician and have them send us a request. You are eligible for care with us regardless of the type of practice group your family physician is in. There is no deduction to your family physician for using our services.

Our primary OB physician

Dr. Laura Sellers

I graduated from medical school and completed my training in Family Medicine at the University of Ottawa. A major focus of my training was caring for pregnant women and their babies. I have practiced obstetrical and newborn care with a diverse patient population at the Civic, General and Queensway Carleton Hospitals in Ottawa. In 2009, I joined the team at the Centretown Community Health Centre. I am a member of the Civic Family Maternity Group, which is a group of 10 family physicians providing quality care to low risk obstetric patients at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital. I speak both English and French. I have a daughter and a son, and love spending time outside with my family. I look forward to meeting you and being involved in this special time in your life.