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Kids Come First Ontario Health Team!

The Ontario Ministry of Health is introducing Ontario Health Teams (OHTs) to organize and deliver care that is more connected to people in their local communities.

Infants, children, and youth are not adults — their health-care needs are totally different. They are still developing, they live with different illnesses, experience mental health and addictions differently. They require a wider range of health-care providers, have parents or guardians who co-manage their care, and attend daycare or school. For these reasons and more, we need to better connect health services for kids, making it easier and faster to access.

So, we’re putting together an OHT specially designed for children and youth! As a member of this OHT, we will deliver our services in a way that works best for you and we’ll help other organizations that care for kids to do the same. We intend to co-design this OHT with children, youth and families every step of the way!

#NameOurOHT was a success!

Grade 1 student Rémi Lamoureux, age 6, suggested “Kids Come First” «Les enfants avant tout». He learned of the naming contest from his dad Michael, who was notified by their family physician, Dr. Alicia Donohue at Your Health Votre Santé. Michael and Rémi, along with mom Désirée and brother Sacha brainstormed the family’s favourite and entered the naming contest. Over 120 name suggestions were received and narrowed down to just three by a group of youth. Over 1,200 votes were cast and Rémi’s Kids Come First is the winner!

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