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Urban Outreach Winter Fundraiser 2023

We’re trying to raise $10,000.

Winter is always a hard time of year, but this year is even harder for many. We’d love your support – either by donating or telling someone you know.

Our urban outreach staff have been working tirelessly to help our unhoused neighbours by providing social and primary care services, and linking them to other supports. But what happens when there’s not enough staff? When the ones we do have need time off and others are too busy to jump in? The programs close.

24. That’s the number of times we’ve had to close our drop-in social services or ID clinic this year because we haven’t had the staff. That’s just over twice a month.

Community health centres like us help vulnerable clients, and it’s hard for staff and clients when our budgets don’t grow with inflation, or really at all.

That’s why we’re asking our neighbours to fill our cup a little bit more this season.


It’s not the only way for us to meet our program demands, or how we’re advocating for budget increases from the Ministry of Health. But it is something that could give us some breathing room for staffing shortages, snacks, or other client needs that come up.

Can you help us fill our cup?

Here are some of the one-off costs from the last year: 

A year’s worth of tenant insurance so a client could be housed ($400)

Replacement batteries on an electric wheelchair ($1,100)

Two celebrations of life (donation to church for the space and service, sandwiches, coffee, desserts, pictures and frames, decorations – about $600)

Application fees for ID for clients with complex immigration situations (about $500)

Shower supplies and snacks ($8,700)

Help us serve our neighbours this winter.

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