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2024 CCHC Board Member Candidates

Candidates will be voted on during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Tuesday, June 25 from 6PM - 9PM at 420 Cooper Street.


Aduei Riak

At CCHC we value personal experience as much as professional experience. Please describe your experiences and strengths that would be relevant for CCHC members to consider when electing new Board members. You may wish to draw upon your life, volunteer, work or education experiences.

My personal experience confronting access to health challenges informs my current career in medicine and public health. As a former unaccompanied refugee minor from a family that has confronted its fair share of health tragedy my perspective focuses on enhancing access to health for all. I bring to the CCHC board a diverse experience as health professional, former refugee, nonprofit fund raising, visible minority woman and local community advocate:

• A former unaccompanied refugee minor with global experience, lived in Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, USA, UK and Canada.

• Over 10 years in promoting health equity, health navigation, refugee health, minority women's empowerment and work in not- for-profit sector – including Canadian Red Cross.

• Experience in advocacy and NGO fundraising. As the Director of Women's Literacy Sudanese Education Funds, I mobilized funds to support literacy training for refugee women in Boston.

• As an advocate in Boston, I stablished partnership between Sudanese migrants, and local educational and civic engagement programs, including organizing a theatre production "Tell the Story" to raise awareness on migrant women's issues.

• My experience as a refugee has honed my determination and resolve as well as being patiently pragmatic when attempting to achieve longer term principled goals.

As the CCHC wants to reflect the diversity of the communities it serves, please list all groups with which you identify (i.e. based on age, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethno- cultural/geographic background, disability, etc.).

I identified as a visible minority woman, former child refugee, Ethnic Dinka, South Sudanese, African, American, and a proud mother. I thrive for an inclusive community where age, gender identify sexual orientation, visible differences, disabilities should be used as tools for fostering deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity of all kinds.

I bring to the Board...Communities served by CCHC are either in the catchment area (Centretown, Glebe, Old Ottawa South), citywide or in the Champlain region.

  • Access to community leaders and groups

  • Connection to the Anglophone community CCHC serves*

I bring to the Board... Connection to other cultural communities within the city:

  • Racialized communities

  • Newcomer communities

I bring significant experience from the following areas... 

  • Advocacy/Community

  • Involvement

  • Fundraising

  • Health Care

  • Social Services

I bring significant experience from these sectors...

  • Health Care

  • Non-Profit/NGO

Please list any interests, values or principles that you would bring to the Board 

  • Inclusive and global minded, I am multi-lingual and experience in cross-cultural communication.

  • Experience managing uncertainty and complexity, team leadership, coordinating and directing diverse groups.

  • I value intellectualism balanced with application, I have competencies in qualitative and quantitative research method, highly analytical combined with strong application ability.

  • Appreciative of diverse religious and ideological beliefs and a faith in power of education.

Brent Leonard

Andrew Parker

Dr. Christopher Oseh

Neil Saravanamuttoo

Deepak Kumar

Hashem Mawlawi

Lucas de Faria

Terry Grace

Matthew Gilmour

Mariline Jean Louis

Mallyna Hing

Catherine Kiszkiel

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