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Centretown Staff and Board Members Join Parliamentary Round Table on Trans Health in Canada

Nine members and two ministers stand together in front of two Canadian flags and one trans pride flag
Pictured (left to right): Jordan Ames-Sinclair, Noah Iniss-Parchment, Toby Whitfield, Holly Brown, Minister Duclos, Minister Ien, Marie-Michelle Grenier (ATQ), Fae Johnstone, Gabriel Lanthier, Rafaël Provost (ENSEMBLE pour le respect de la diversité), and Nathanielle Morin.

CCHC staff had the opportunity to join a round table on Trans Health with Health Minister Duclos, and Women, Gender Equality and Youth Minister Ien and others who work in the Trans health space.

CCHC staff were pleased to join the discussion to share reflections on Trans health in Canada. One of the major themes was the rise in Trans hate and the need for investment in Trans health. Participants spoke about how programs of all sorts are struggling to respond to increasing demands for services, services that are significantly underfunded. CCHC staff shared data on referrals and why wait times are so dangerous. When discussing solutions, CCHC staff shared information about the success of our capacity building which provides training and mentorship for primary care providers so that they can provide gender affirming care. Our model of training and mentorship can be replicated across the country to support primary care providers to feel competent to provide quality gender affirming care. Finally, they also discussed pediatric care, how almost 5% of youth in Ontario identify as gender non-conforming, and their barriers to accessing health care.

Centretown CHC offers gender affirming counseling and medical transition support. We are proud to support the effort to improve Trans healthcare in Canada.

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