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Community Diabetes Education Program of Ottawa (CDEPO) / City Wide




Various locations across the City of Ottawa


Virtual + In Person

Contact Information:



Monday - Friday, some evening and weekends

About the Program

If you are an adult living with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes, our program can help support you. Our team helps people manage this chronic disease, live healthy, and avoid complications.

Additional Details

Our team includes:

  • Dietitians

  • Nurses

  • Kinesiologist (exercise specialist)

  • Social support worker

Most of our team are also Certified Diabetes Educators.

Who do we serve? 

People who live in Ottawa and are 18 years of age and older living with:

  • Prediabetes (at risk of diabetes), or

  • Type 2 diabetes

Our Services

  • Group sessions

  • One-to-one appointments

One-to-one Appointments

One-to-one appointments with our educators will help you learn more about the following:

  • Testing your blood glucose

  • Starting and adjusting insulin

  • Learning about diabetes medications

  • Planning healthy meals

  • Being more active

Group Sessions

Our group sessions help you live well with diabetes or prediabetes. Topics include:

  • Understanding diabetes and prediabetes

  • Healthy eating

  • Being active

  • Diabetes medications

  • Checking your blood glucose

  • Coping and managing stress

  • Understanding your lab results

  • Making health and wellness goals

When do we offer group sessions? 

Our group sessions are offered Monday through Friday.  They are offered during the day and evening.

Is there a cost for our services? 

No, there is no cost. Our services are FREE.

Where are we located? 

Our diabetes education program serves the entire City of Ottawa. In addition to Centretown Community Health Centre, locations include Kanata, Orleans, as well as central and south Ottawa locations.

What languages are available? 

Members of our team speak:

  • French

  • English

  • Many other languages

If our staff does not speak your language, we have language interpretation services.

How to register for our services:

  • You can call or email us yourself to join our services.

  • Primary care providers are welcome to make referrals.

Phone: 613-233-6655

Fax: 613-233-6713


To learn more, visit this site to leave the CCHC website and access the Regional Diabetes Program:

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