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CCHC Statement on anti-Black racism

To our community,

These last days have been an overwhelming and emotional time for our community.

As we watch protests taking place all over the world to denounce US police violence and brutality towards Black communities, we should acknowledge that across Canada, the same painful problems are occurring.

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing systemic and individual forms of anti-Black racism in our communities and beyond.

As an organization committed to social justice, we recognize anti-Black racism harms our communities in innumerable ways. At CCHC, we will never stop advocating for the dismantling of systemic racism in our health system, by identifying inequities, working to understand their root causes, and working with our communities to eradicate them.

It is a long and ongoing process, but we commit to endlessly support and promote the diversity and respect of our clients as fundamental features in the way we deliver our programs and services. In the name and interest of our common humanity, our belief in a holistic, non-discriminatory, caring and innovative approach remains strong.

We applaud and enthusiastically join the Alliance for Healthier Communities, the Black Health Committee, The Black Health Alliance, and the Network for Advancement of Black Communities in calling on the province to declare anti-Black racism to be a public health crisis.

We strongly believe in our individual and collective responsibility to continuously explore how we can all be part of the solution for anti-Black racism and any form of racial discrimination to be eradicated for the greater good.

Sacha Baharmand, Chair of the Board of Directors

Simone Thibault, Executive Director


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