We are here for you during COVID-19

Diabetes Education Program
Due to the protection measures in Primary Care for Covid-19, diabetes education groups are being done by on-line. Individual appointments and groups are by phone or personal video conference. If the educator feels it is necessary to see you in person, that will be arranged. For more information, call  613-233-6655
To refer – Diabetes Central Ottawa:  613-238-3722 or www.diabetesottawa.ca 

Diabetes Education and Counselling Services
Group education is available on-line. Individual counselling appointments are primarily by telephone or video visit. Please contact Diabetes Central Ottawa at www.diabetesottawa.ca

Champlain Diabetes Chiropody Program
Chiropodists continue to see clients with diabetes and open foot wounds. Referral required.

Community screening events are on hold.

Type 2 Diabetes Education

If you have ever been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you may want or need some support. Come to one of our group programs or meet one-to-one with a Diabetes Educator. Our program serves people who are starting on or already on insulin as well.

Prediabetes Education

If your Health Care provider has said that your “sugar is a bit  high” or that you have Prediabetes, you can attend our group education program or meet with a Diabetes Educator.

How to Get Services

To attend group education or meet with a Diabetes Educator, you need to register with Diabetes Central Ottawa at 613-238-3722 or online at www.diabetesottawa.ca. It is helpful if your Health Care Provider refers you because we ask them to send helpful information about you such as your lab work or your medication list. You can refer yourself if you prefer.  You need to be referred by your doctor for some of our services (for example, if you need insulin).

Community Diabetes Education Program of Ottawa (CDEPO) : serving the entire City of Ottawa

Community Diabetes Education Programs are administered by Centretown Community Health Centre at the locations listed here.

Registered Diabetes Nurses and Dietitian Educators provide information and support to adults with Type 2 Diabetes, and Prediabetes. We offer group sessions and Individual appointments with a Nurse and/or Dietitian. We have programs and services during the day and evenings at locations throughout Ottawa.

What do we do in Group Sessions?

Group sessions will give you an overview of Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes and how it can affect the body as well as help for you to manage your condition yourself. We offer many workshops on key topics to help you manage diabetes and prediabetes including workshops about eating healthy, being active, understanding medications, and monitoring your condition to promote wellness and stay healthy.

More information: 613-233-6655 or www.diabeteseducation.ca

To refer – Diabetes Central Ottawa:  613-238-3722 or www.diabetesottawa.ca 

For further information on other programs at CCHC to help you eat and live healthy, see the Healthy Eating & Living page.