The Trans Health Program offers hormone starts, surgery referral support, and counselling to trans and non-binary people ages 17 and up from Ottawa and surrounding areas. We have a gender-affirming and informed consent approach, which meets the standards outlined in the Sherbourne Health Guideline for Gender-Affirming Primary Care.

You can access our services directly by calling 613-233-4443 ext. 2245, emailing us at, or be referred by your doctor or specialist.

Community Support Worker

As a new client, you will first meet with our Community Support Worker (CSW) for an intake appointment. During this appointment, the CSW will get to know you and your transition goals. They will explain the clinic’s services and give you an idea of what your journey with us will be like. The CSW will remain available to you to offer health system navigation or practical assistance related to your care. 

Hormone starts

Our clinic offers feminizing and masculinizing hormone starts. We tailor this service to your needs and transition goals. Our providers will explain the effects of hormones and work with you as you chose which medication is right for you. The clinic will also connect with your family doctor and give them information they need to continue prescribing hormones once you leave our clinic.

Surgery referral supports

In order to be approved by OHIP for funded gender-affirming surgeries, you will need a surgery assessment from one or two health professionals depending on the surgery. We will ask you about your gender history, your health, and social circumstances. We will then explain to you in detail what the surgery entails and the aftercare process.


The counsellors can assist with gender exploration, managing gender dysphoria, and offer transition support. You may want your partner(s) and/or family to join you during appointments. Our counsellors have experience supporting diverse trans and non-binary people of various lived experiences. They understand the unique challenges faced by these diverse clients. CCHC also offers same day single session LGBT2SQ+ counselling on Wednesdays from 12pm-8pm. These appointments can be accessed by calling 613-233-4443 X 2109 or emailing